23rd of July until the 22nd of August

The Fire Sign, Leo, is ruled by the Sun, or the great light, as medieval Astrologers phrased it. The element of fire means the recognition and fulfillment of future possibilities. The Sun gives us the energy we need for our daily activities. It is the center of all life and represents the vitality in us.

Leos are generous people who sometimes have a stately emotional life. Leos are generously endowed with love, gratefulness and charm which they like to give to others. Leos live by their convictions and invest all their energy in their personalities. People born under the sign Leo find the influence of the Sun symbolism as a challenge to become radiant. This abundance of positive qualities doesn't save Leos from having to learn to find themselves and their own energy independently of others. In other words: the Leos most important task is to find himself.

You like to be in the limelight of a privileged position. You enjoy leaving a lasting impression on people. Your guardian angel helps you, appearing when you most need her. Practically, this means that your problems seem to vanish just when you start feeling trapped by them.
For a Leo, nothing is more important than the own inner world. Since Leo is a Fixed Sign you find it difficult to overcome yourself and accept that others see things differently. You sometimes have trouble recognizing the needs of those around you. Leo, in contrast to Libra, Cancer and Pisces, is not a sign of relationships.

You hate routines and become impatient when things don't progress at your speed. You are quick to be insulted by criticism and often cannot understand what others find wrong with you. You are convinced of yourself and of your abilities and crave for recognition. You cannot be overlooked because you inspire awe. As soon as you have received your necessary allotment of admiration, you can be generous and openheartedly share your riches with others. You remind people of a king from a fairy tale who is kind, whenever he is not fighting off an evil enemy or sees his kingdom threatened. When it's necessary you should appear simple and humble and make use of your creative potential.