23rd of September until the 22nd of October

Libra, being a Cardinal Sign, allows you to direct your energies towards goals and initiate new situations. You prefer to plan your activities with others because you don't like being alone. The planet Venus, which rules over Libra, radiates pleasant qualities in search of harmony. You are charming and know how to dress tastefully. You want to be recognized, but aren't willing to sacrifice your principles for it. It's more important to be able to smile at your reflection in the mirror.

You like to revel in thoughts of romance and fantasize about melting together with an ideal partner. You fear conflict, jealousy and hate because they contradict your aesthetic ideal of truth. This doesn't keep you from persevering and effectively organizing your daily activities. Be careful not to let your desire for perfection cause you to overload yourself.

Your polished manners and weakness for the finer art of living enable you to take center stage. With your friendly, courteous nature you will do well in a profession working with people.

Libra is an Air Sign. This is why you use reason to create visions of the best possible human society. You do everything to find your ideal; professionally and in relationships. Your sense of diplomacy and justice should make you popular and allow you to count on the help of your friends.